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The EUREkA Graduate Program provides international and interdisciplinary training, throughout the Master's degree and PhD, in chemistry and physical chemistry of materials.

The Program

The EUREkA Graduate Program focuses on knowledge, innovation and cross-disciplinary research and was developed with the support of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and funded by the Plan Investissement d'Avenir, or Investment for the Future Program (project Graduate School for junior researchers at the University of Bordeaux / UB GRS, reference 20-SFRI-0001).

EUREkA is an interdisciplinary and international Master's and PhD program in chemistry and physical chemistry of materials, from the design, synthesis and developmental stages, to the chemical, physico-chemical and physical characterisations, and their use for specific functions and applications.

The materials studied are very diverse (inorganic materials, polymers, colloidal materials, hybrids, composites etc.) and draw on the main research areas studied in the University of Bordeaux laboratories. The program covers a wide range of topics relating to materials and their applications (energy, recycling, bio-materials, etc.) and its research community includes 8 laboratories, each with its own areas of expertise.

Some key figures

  • 1 Master's program
  • 8+ research units (ICMCB, LCPO, ARNA, CBMN, IMS, IECB, etc.)

Innovation_Idee.pngWhy choose the EUREkA Graduate Program?

  • To gain expertise based on the wide range of topics related to the materials studied in the University of Bordeaux laboratories: organic materials, polymers, hybrid materials and composites.
  • To create strong ties with a network of research laboratories. There are 8 chemistry labs on the University of Bordeaux campuses with complementary skills.
  • To use cutting-edge technology for material characterisation and development (clean room, SPS, HR TEM, etc.).
  • To study in a strong interdisciplinary research and learning environment which provides students with the opportunity to interact with physicians, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists.
  • To take advantage of a fully internationalised program, ensuring the interculturality of the cohort.

Joining the program at Master's level

You can apply for the Eureka Master's program (specialising in Chemistry). 

Before applying:

  1. Check out the full details of the Master's program courses and the language in which they are taught.
  2. Find out about the registration fees and the cost of studying in Bordeaux.
  3. Identify the application procedure best suited to your situation. Are you an international candidate? Visit this page to check whether your are eligible for the Etudes En France (EEF) joint admission and visa application process.

Information.pngIf you have any questions, get in touch!

Admission requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree (or the equivalent of 180 ECTS for EU citizens) in chemistry
    and/or physics with a focus on materials science.
  • Prove an IELTS test score of 6.0 or a TOEFL score of 550/213/79-80.

Funding opportunities:

Students who are accepted into the program at Master's level, regardless of their nationality, can request financial assistance for their incoming mobility project to attend courses at the University of Bordeaux.


Joining the program at PhD level

Are you enrolled in a PhD with the Doctoral School of Chemical Sciences? The "EUREkA cohort" welcomes you and the program's Master's students, with the aim of strengthening ties between junior researchers and the rest of the scientific community.

  • to join the EUREkA cohort: all you need is to be enrolled in a PhD at the University of Bordeaux and make sure that the topic of your thesis is directly related to chemistry and physical-chemistry of materials.

Are you working on a subject related to the chemistry and physical-chemistry of materials? Get in touch with us! We will send you the application form and the EUREkA doctoral student charter. After review and approval by the programme's steering committee, you'll join the cohort!

2Chapeaux_Etudiants.png The program provides the members of the cohort with specific doctoral trainings, based on their needs, such as:

  • seminars;
  • research projects in the chemistry labs of Bordeaux and their international partners;
  • additional training hours;
  • conferences, research seminars and workshops.

Enroll via ADUM to validate your training hours.

Globe.png Thinking about a mobility project, but need financial assistance?

If your project does not meet the requirements of other international mobility funding options, you can apply for support from the program in order to attend a conference, carry out research, attend  a training course or summer school, or any other occasional event abroad.

  • contact us for more information on how we can support occasional international mobility projects

Funding opportunities and PhD positions

Funding for a EUREKA PhD position can be obtained within the framework of the Doctoral School of Chemical Sciences selection process.

The PhD Scholarship call for application is now open ! You are willing to apply for a PhD in Bordeaux and are an international student (see conditions) ? Then have a look at our available subjects for Fall 2024 : click here !

The EUREKA program can also offer funding for a PhD position (information coming soon).

Contact us

  • Zoé HENRY

    Project officer


  • Jean-Louis BOBET

    Program director