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Thesis prizes

Dernière mise à jour :

Dissertation awards allow you to showcase your scientific findings and research work to expert juries.

University of Bordeaux thesis prizes

The University of Bordeaux thesis prizes are an opportunity to highlight the quality of work done by our early-stage researchers. Organised by the Graduate Research School, this competition is open to PhD graduates having defended their theses during the previous year.

Four awards, each worth €1500, honour outstanding theses:

  • Science & Technology award
  • Biology & Health award
  • Humanities & Social Sciences award
  • Special international jury award

The award-winning doctoral research work is presented within the framework of the Rentrée du Doctorat (PhD Welcome Ceremony), held at the end of the calendar year at the University of Bordeaux.

Other PhD dissertation awards

Pharmacy dissertation award

Each year, the Fondation Bordeaux Université presents a Pharmacy Award (€2000) to the dissertation award winner.

Doctoral School of Law dissertation award

This awards recognises a thesis defended at the Doctoral School of Law during the previous calendar year. The award provides a grant of up to €500 to promote the dissertation.

A first runner-up is also awarded (no grant), and the doctoral school may also honour a thesis defended by a foreign student (no grant).

The award is presented during the doctoral school’s official opening ceremony in honour of the year’s laureate and PhD graduates.

Senate dissertation award

The Senate dissertation award is aimed at rewarding a dissertation written in French on bicameralism, the Senate institution or local authorities.

Monique Garnier award

Created in 2005, this award is attributed on a yearly basis to a student from the doctoral school of Health and Life Sciences.

Its purpose is to reward outstanding research work carried out as part of a PhD. The award is in recognition of Monique Garnier-Semancik’s enthusiasm and talent for research. The recipient will be invited to present his/her work during the doctoral school’s annual Science Day.

The award will be presented on that occasion, in the form of a certificate acknowledging the receipt of the Monique Garnier-Semancik award and a €1000 cheque donated by Professor Joe Semancik.

L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science award

Created in 2007, the Jeunes Talents France L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science program is committed to promoting and supporting the involvement of young women in scientific research. The program identifies and rewards talented young women researchers in life and environmental sciences, material sciences, mathematics, computer and information sciences, engineering and technology.

  • The doctoral laureates will each receive a €15,000-grant. The doctoral applicants must be enrolled in a French doctoral school and in a research laboratory in mainland France or the French overseas territories.
  • The post-doctoral laureates will each receive a €20,000-grant. The post-doctoral applicants must work in a research institute or laboratory in mainland France or the French overseas territories.

Aerospace Valley Award

The aim of the Aerospace Valley Cluster is to increase the region’s employment in the aeronautics, space and embedded systems sectors.

The Cluster enables an individual who has an idea or the determination to take part in a collaborative project to benefit from a network of professionals and members that supervise, structure and facilitate exchanges with potential partners.

With an international outlook, the community can help develop projects in countries with strong growth potential for the industry.

Each year, three awards, each worth €3000, are attributed to PhD graduates having defended their theses at a doctoral school in one of the Cluster’s regions (Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie) on a theme related to aeronautics, space or embedded systems.

Cour des Comptes dissertation award

The Cour de Comptes (Court of Auditors) has attributed a €5000-award since 2019 and, when appropriate, a special €2000-award, granted on the basis of deliberations by a jury made up of high-level academics and magistrates.

French Association of Water & Waste Professionals (ASTEE) dissertation award

Two awards, each worth €3000, and a one-year membership/subscription to the scientific journal TSM, reserved for PhD graduates in the association’s fields of expertise and, more generally, fields dedicated to environmental protection.