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A PhD is far more than just an academic diploma. It is the springboard to career opportunities, whether within or outside the academic world. Explore the paths open to you as an early-stage researcher.

Are you wondering what career prospects you have after completing your doctorate at the University of Bordeaux? In addition to the research skills and expertise that you acquire during your doctorate, a PhD gets you ready for a wide range of careers.

Survey of PhD graduates as of 1 December 2022 having defended a thesis in 2019

Overall analysis

Job opportunities after your PhD

Apply to the University of Bordeaux

Academic & non-academic sectors

Academic sector only

Apply for certification in higher education

Getting certified is a required step in order to be eligible to apply for university professorships and lectureships. In accordance with the decree of 5 July relating to the certification procedure, the defence report is a compulsory part of the application file and determines whether or not the application is admissible.

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Details per doctoral school regarding PhD graduates having defended a thesis in 2019

Law Doctoral School

Economic Sciences, Management and Demography Doctoral School

Mathematics and Computer Science Doctoral School

Chemical Sciences Doctoral School

Health and Life Sciences Doctoral School

Sciences and Environments Doctoral School

Physics and Engineering Doctoral School

Society, Politics, Public Health Doctoral School