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International training

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The University of Bordeaux offers a range of international training courses open to a wide audience, developed in collaboration with its international scientific partners in order to raise the profile of doctoral studies at the University of Bordeaux. These thematic weeks can help you internationalise your PhD.


The University of Bordeaux integrated VIU in 2015, joining a consortium of 20 universities involved in this ambitious and innovative academic project. Located on the island of San Servolo, VIU offers, through its member universities, interdisciplinary training programs that address contemporary societal challenges: sustainability, climate change, ageing, ethics, cultural heritage, etc.

As PhD students at the university, you can apply to the PhD AcademiesGraduate Seminars and Summer Schools organised by the VIU network.

This is a unique opportunity to meet peers from all over the world and discuss interdisciplinary issues with international specialists.

Contact: Anne Blassiau +33 (0)5 40 00 38 81




Selected by the European Commission in 2020, the European university Network to promote equitable quality of Life, sustainability and global engagement through Higher education (ENLIGHT) involved the creation of a consortium of 10 European universities.

This alliance aims to develop new training and research models and methodologies, adapted to the complex issues of sustainability that cities and communities are currently facing. First and foremost, ENLIGHT focuses on five key issues:

  • health and well-being
  • digitalisation
  • climate change
  • energy and circular economy
  • equity

Partners: Universities of Bordeaux, Ghent (Belgium), Göttingen (Germany), Tartu (Estonia), Basque Country (Spain), Galway (Ireland), Groningen (Netherlands), Uppsala (Sweden), Comenius Bratislava (Slovakia) and the University of Bern (Switzerland) since 2023. 


The PhD departments of each university have come together to form the ENLIGHT Doctoral Network to provide an additional range of courses for all PhD students.

The universities of the ENLIGHT network periodically open up training courses (online or in-person), workshops, webinars, seminars or summer schools to PhD students from other universities.

These opportunities will be sent to you by e-mail and published on the ENLIGHT Alliance website below.