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Promote your thesis

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According to the European Charter for Researchers, a PhD graduate is an “early-stage researcher”. Consequently, your doctoral training can be regarded as professional experience in its own right.

Boosting your research work plays a key role in your career development. It is essential for being assessed by potential employers and displaying your willingness to enter into future partnerships.

As a member of the doctoral community, it is commonplace to share your research by publishing articles and taking part in conferences. All doctoral schools strongly encourage this practice. If your research leads to innovative findings that could lead to economic activities, it is important to consider protecting them. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and your research leads to innovative solutions, you may want to set up a new, innovative company based on your research.

Innovation tools for boosting your research

If you want to register a patent, contact the Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Socio-Economic Engagement Development Division (DIESE). The DIPE can provide you with information on the possibility of patenting your invention, and can help you with the registration process, drafting licence agreements with third parties and managing the collection of licence fees.

In addition, the DIESE can also assist you with other types of registration, such as trademarks, advise you on copyright issues, and explain how a ‘Soleau Envelope’ can be used to prove the date of an invention or creation of a work.

Take advantage of Mature your PhD!

Would you like to further develop your invention and turn it into an innovation? Would you like to work with local companies to transfer your technology or knowledge to the market?

Mature your PhD!  is organised year round by SATT Aquitaine. By applying to the program, you can get support focused on the invention resulting from your thesis project, and gain valuable new skills and experience to add to your CV: boosting research, market, economy, project management, entrepreneurship, etc.

Enter the Mature your PhD + competition

Are you wondering how to turn your research work into new products and uses? Would you like to benefit from training and support on the topic?

The Mature your PhD+ competition is open to the whole University of Bordeaux doctoral community in 2nd and 3rd year, including non-funded members. In addition to the Mature your PhD program, which is open on a permanent basis, Mature your PhD+ is a way of rewarding your commitment. Co-constructed with the Graduate Research School and SATT AST, it is an annual competition (short pre-application and pitch to a jury). The 3 most convincing projects will be awarded a 3-month fixed-term contract, during which you can devote yourself to this mission of innovation alongside your doctoral research.

Please note that the PhD students whose research is already part of an innovation initiative with a designated partner company (CIFRE agreement, ANR PRCE project, etc.) cannot participate in the competition.

Sign up for the i-PhD innovation competition

Are you a member of the doctoral or research community, passionate about innovation and creating deeptech start-ups? The i-PhD competition provides a unique opportunity to turn your research findings into a promising company. Whether you are just beginning your thesis or a recent graduate, the competition is open to all, with no age or nationality restrictions, as long as you meet the legal requirements for setting up a business in France.

Winners of the i-PhD competition receive a year of personalised support, including mentoring, coaching and immersion in the heart of the Deeptech ecosystem. What’s more, you’ll get the chance to promote your project with a specifically-designed video kit and to join a network of winners of other innovation competitions, as well as the Bpifrance network, for increased visibility. Finally, you could receive a grant of up to €30,000 to finance your project. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your entrepreneurial vision into a reality and bring your innovative ideas to life.

Get involved in new projects with The Hub

The Hub is a collaborative platform run by the University of Bordeaux. It allows players in the socio-economic sphere to exchange ideas with the university community on scientific expertise, innovation projects, facilities and equipment loans, etc. As a PhD student, you can connect to the platform and enter information about your areas of expertise, research work and innovation projects. You will be included in The Hub’s directory of contacts, which will provide you with more visibility and make it easier to contact partners for new collaborative opportunities.

Join UBee Lab

The UBee Lab incubator helps you to develop your entrepreneurial projects and become part of the regional, national and international entrepreneurial ecosystem. All of the UBee Lab services are primarily aimed at students or recent graduates from the Bordeaux PEPITE ECA area, who have received national student-entrepreneur status. Ubee Lab organises three selection committees a year (June, October, February), during which applications are assessed and then selected on the basis of the applicant’s motivation and the relevance of the business idea, whatever its stage of development.

Outreach tools for disseminating your research

In view of today’s major societal and environmental issues, producing, transmitting and disseminating knowledge are crucial for the University of Bordeaux. As a member of the doctoral community, you can play a role in disseminating knowledge that will help us to understand the challenges of our times, as well as to collectively design and experiment with tangible solutions. If you’d like to find out more about all the actions being taken, you can view the strategic objectives of the Science with and for Society (SAPS) project.

Publish your research in The Conversation

The University of Bordeaux is a partner of The Conversation, an independent online media for news analysis and information, that publishes articles written for the general public by members of the research community, in close collaboration with a team of experienced journalists. The goal is to provide better understanding of complex issues and improve the quality of public debate via reliable, research-based expertise. Since the articles are published under a Creative Commons licence, they can be reproduced or shared online in a wide range of media outlets to reach a wider audience. The University of Bordeaux also runs writing workshops and training courses to help you prepare your articles.

Open Science: boost access to your research

Like all PhD students, you will receive training to raise awareness of Open Science so that you can adopt best practices in publishing and disseminating their research as well as master methods for re-using and citing research data. You will also be trained to build a strategy for your online presence to boost your digital identity and scientific activity.