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Health centres

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Being in good health is crucial for doing well in your doctoral studies. The team of professionals at the Student Health Centre provides consultations, answers your questions and organises prevention activities.

Comprehensive healthcare services

  • Medical appointments and care
  • Sexuality, contraception, STIs
  • Vaccinations
  • Medical and psychological consultations
  • Medical certificate of fitness (no contraindications) to practise a sport
  • Nutrition

You can find all the information concerning the health centres on the University of Bordeaux’s website.

Contact the student health centres

Need an appointment, advice or a friendly ear? Have an embarrassing question?

Call (+33)5 33 51 42 00 or set up an appointment online.

For PhD students employed by the University of Bordeaux

In addition to the student health centres, other solutions are also available to you.

Health Centre for employees of the University of Bordeaux


  • Student Health Centre - Bordes campus in Pessac

    22 avenue Pey-Berland Tram B - Tram stop Doyen Brus 33600 Pessac

    (+33) 5 33 51 42 00


  • Student Health Centre - Victoire

    3 ter Place de la Victoire, Building F - 1st floor, Bordeaux

    (+33) 5 57 57 18 05