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PhD events

Many events are organised to enhance your doctoral experience, among other things they aim to promote doctoral studies, offer new opportunities and create outreach programs…

PhD welcome ceremony

Every year, the Graduate Research School and the 8 doctoral schools of the University of Bordeaux welcome you for the first year of your PhD. During this day-long event, you will discover the services provided by the university and meet your fellow PhD students who are also embarking on their PhD journey. You will also meet the administrative staff who will support you during your PhD studies.

PHD graduation ceremony

The PhD Graduation Ceremony takes place every spring. During this ceremony, the university and its 8 doctoral schools highlight the diversity and excellence of the research carried out during your PhD studies.

My thesis in 180 seconds

This contest gathers PhD students from all fields to present their PhD in 180 seconds. Halfway between an exercise in language skills and scientific outreach, “My thesis in 180 seconds” requires candidates to present their research in front of the general public. After taking part in the contest at university level, the selected candidates are then invited to take part in the regional (Nouvelle-Aquitaine), national and international contests.


Every month, the bars in Bordeaux host up to 3 PhD students so they can present their work to an audience in no more than 10 minutes, a beer in hand.