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LIGHT Sciences & Technologies

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LIGHT Sciences and Technologies Graduate Program offers an integrated interdisciplinary master's and doctoral program in photonics and quantum technologies. As current technologies are pushed to their fundamental limits, photonics and quantum technologies offer revolutionary new solutions. LIGHTS&T aims to contribute to this quest.

The Program

The LIGHT Sciences & Technologies (LIGHTS&T) Graduate Program focuses on knowledge and innovation in the light sciences and technologies, providing a multidisciplinary environment for top-notch research and education. It is funded under the "University Research School" initiative by the PIA3 (reference: 17-EURE-0027).

The generation, manipulation, detection and use of light are at the heart of research in many scientific disciplines. Today, lasers and photonic systems are more than just technological and manufacturing products; they are also driving innovation in many industrial sectors.

The LIGHTS&T Graduate Program aims to train tomorrow's photonics leaders by offering an innovative excellence program from Master's to PhD level.

To learn more about the program in less than 4 minutes:

The LIGHTS&T Graduate Program

Innovation_Idee.pngWhy should you join the LIGHT Sciences & Technologies Graduate Program?

The LIGHT Sciences & Technologies Graduate Program is an integrated, interdisciplinary program, taught by experts from both academia and industry. The Graduate Program is part of an interdisciplinary research environment, geared towards future careers in the photonics industries and quantum technologies.

Joining the program offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • An innovative and interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching, delivered by experts specializing in light sciences and technologies, and its applications.
  • An immersive and cross-sectoral training for students, thanks to the close involvement of numerous research laboratories and industrial R&D centers in the field.
  • The possibility of a double-diploma between the University of Bordeaux and the Institut d'Optique Graduate School.
  • A program entirely taught in English to encourage international career pursuits.
  • A excellence scholarship for the best Master's students (€825 per month).
  • In-depth practical training through long-term laboratory internships starting from the first year of Master.
  • A strong emphasis on student initiatives.
  • Specialized disciplinary trainings tailored to meet the needs of our PhD students.

Some key figures

  • 3 Master's tracks
  • 70 PhD students
  • 87 alumni in Master's & 31 alumni at PhD level
  • 14 research units
  • 1 dual degree with the Institut d'Optique Graduate School
  • 2 international dual degrees: with the University of Tampere – TAU (Finland) and with the Colorado School of Mines (USA)
  • Several international partnerships with the Abbe Center of Photonics (Germany), Euskampus (Spain/Basque Country), the University of Laval and INRS (Canada).

Joining the program at Master's level

At Master's level, you'll join one of the following three tracks, which benefit from mutualized interdisciplinary courses:

For more insight, please download the full curriculum.


Before applying:

  1. Check out the full details of the Master's program courses and the language in which they are taught.
  2. Find out about the registration fees and the cost of studying in Bordeaux.
  3. Identify the application procedure best suited to your situation. Are you an international candidate? Visit this page to check whether your are eligible for the Etudes En France (EEF) joint admission and visa application process.

Information.pngShould you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Admission requirements:

The LIGHTS&T Graduate Program is looking for its next generation of photonics talents in a dynamic and attractive regional and national environment. All motivated and ambitious students, regardless of their nationality, are welcome to apply. It is also possible to join the program in the second year of the Master.

The LIGHTS&T Graduate Program is open to all students holding a bachelor's degree or equivalent (180ECTS) in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or an engineering degree. You will need to demonstrate a satisfactory level in English, which will be assessed during an interview with the program's pedagogical team.

Selection criteria

  •  Academic level.
  •  Motivation.
  •  English language proficiency (B2 level recommended).


For French, European and international students who are not affected by the "Studying in France" Campus France procedure:

The application campaign for the 2024-2025 academic year will run from February 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2024. Applications will be assessed by the Executive Committee gradually.


For international students affected by the "Studying in France" Campus France procedure::

  • If you come from one of the countries affected by the Campus France procedure, please follow the "Studying in France" procedure. Contact the Campus France office in your country and submit your application before the deadline (closed for the 2024-2025 intake).


LIGHTS&T Excellence Scholarship:

Students admitted to the program at Master's level, regardless of nationality, can apply for a scholarship of excellence to follow their studies at the University of Bordeaux. Please follow the instructions according to your profile:

  • Students who are not affected by the "Studying in France" procedure must tick the appropriate box on the application form and provide two additional letters of recommendation from two different referee professors.
  • Students who are affected by the "Studying in France"of the procedure should apply for the Excellence Scholarship by sending two letters of recommendation written by two different referee professors to master.applications.light-st@u-bordeaux.fr, specifying the title of their application in the subject line of their e-mail.

Joining the program at PhD level

Your research topic is related to the program's scientific scope and you are enrolled in one of the doctoral schools involved?

The LIGHTS&T Graduate Program launches each year a call for applications open to PhD students holding a Master's degree in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or equivalent. Eligible PhD students must pursue their research within the framework of a doctoral program in the sciences and applications of light, and on a thesis topic falling within the thematic scope of the LIGHTS&T program. The selection  is based on criteria of excellence (Master's degree with “good” rating is expected).

Application call 2024 to the LIGHTS&T accredited topics:

Some of the benefits of LIGHTS&T:

  • The selected PhD student entering the LIGHTS&T Graduate Program can benefit from specialized training programs.
  • He/She will attend events organized for PhD students within the doctoral program.
  • The PhD student can benefit from an academic or industrial mentor. This mentor provides personalized follow-up on the evolution of his/her thesis work and accompanies him/her in his/her professional project.
  •  Joint supervision thesis and international mobility are encouraged and supported through mobility grants.
  • The selected PhD student can benefit from a support to promote outstanding research results obtained during the thesis (publication fees in high impact journals or presentation in renewed international conferences).

Pre-requisites to apply:

  • To be enrolled in the first year of PhD, at the University of Bordeaux (academic year 2023-2024) in one of the following doctoral schools: Physics and Engineering, Chemical Sciences or Health and Life Sciences.
  • To perform research on a thesis subject within the thematic scope of the LIGHTS&T Graduate Program.

Applications must include the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Motivation letter from the candidate.
  • Research project of the thesis (2 pages max.).
  • Official transcript of records issued by the university, showing rankings.
  • Electronic copy of the Master's thesis.

Applications must be sent by email with the required documents in digital format to: contact.light-st@u-bordeaux.fr.

Check out PhD student testimonials about the LIGHTS&T training programs they attended.

2Chapeaux_Etudiants.png The program offers members of this cohort specific PhD training, designed to help you pursue a career in industry or the academic world.

Enroll via ADUM to validate your training hours.

Globe.png You have a international mobility project, but need financial assistance?

If your project does not meet the requirements of other international mobility funding options, you can apply for support from the program in order to attend a conference, carry out research, attend a training course or summer school, or any other occasional event abroad.

  • contact us for more information on how we can support occasional international mobility projects


PhD positions available for application

Four PhD positions from the EUR LIGHT Sciences and Technologies (LIGHTS&T) are open for applications on the following thesis topics:

  • SELIBS - Surface-enhanced LIBS : theoretical and experimental study of laser and plasma interactions with 3D microstructures obtained by femtosecond laser additive manufacturing.
  • Computational design of photosensitive multistate nonlinear optical 2D materials with wavelength-selective control.
  • Single Molecule Tracking through Adaptive Optics-Integrated Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy for Slice Imaging Applications.
  • Artificial intelligence and quantum simulations of frustrated many-body physics.
  • Coherent control of individual spins with Abrikosov vortices.

Details of available PhD positions and contact

The application file to be completed by the candidate must contain the following documents:

  • A detailed curriculum vitae with academic records.
  • A motivation letter justifying the choice of thesis subject.
  • Academic transcripts for Master 1 and Master 2, showing the candidate's rankings.
  • Certificate of completion of Master's degree or equivalent, if available.
  • Letters of recommendation (from the Master's internship supervisor, the Master program coordinator, etc.).
  • An electronic copy of the Master's thesis (if available).

Applications must be sent to contact.light-st@u-bordeaux.fr (with the concerned PhD director in cc), by May 31st, 2024 at the latest.

Contact us

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    Project Officer


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