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Dernière mise à jour :

Cosmopolitan and open to the world, the University of Bordeaux provides all the services its community needs: refurbished campuses, libraries, sports facilities, cultural and artistic events or activities and much more. Check out the dynamic, green campuses with great places to live and study.

The University of Bordeaux is an internationally-oriented institution, open to society and mindful of its environmental impact. It offers a multidisciplinary model with deep regional roots. The campuses are located in the Bordeaux metropolitan area and all over the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Our research policy is fuelled by close partnerships with socio-economic stakeholders, and is geared towards transitions, innovation and scientific integrity.

Scientific research at the University of Bordeaux covers most academic fields, and is organised around 11 research departments whose missions it is to contribute to scientific strategy, and to lead and coordinate the initiatives of the various components and establishments.

Through the Graduate Research School, the University of Bordeaux aims to turn a PhD issued by the university into a renowned qualification that contributes to the international reputation and appeal of the university while ensuring that its PhD graduates have the best possible career prospects.

Studying for a PhD means being actively involved in the production of scientific knowledge by carrying out original work. This professional experience in training, in and through research, will help you develop many useful skills for your future career. Your work contributes to the academic reputation of our university.
The Graduate Research School is delighted to support you throughout this adventure. I sincerely hope that you form close ties with the doctoral community at the University of Bordeaux. Whatever your future career may be, and wherever it may be, we hope that you will flourish in your scientific research.

Roger Marthan
Graduate Research School director