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The EcoPoDeMa Graduate Program provides international integrated training throughout the Master's degree and PhD. This enhanced curriculum - for all courses in economics - helps train students, through research, in the latest methods and techniques in economic decision-making.

The Program

Given the growing complexity of a world undergoing technological and economical change, the EcoPoDeMa Graduate Program is designed to strengthen the ties between economic research and decision-making. By introducing the most advanced theoretical and empirical tools, it aims to train students, through research, in the latest methods and techniques in economic decision-making. This program is supported by the Plan Investissement d'Avenir, or Investment for the Future Program (project: Graduate School for junior researchers at the University of Bordeaux / UB GRS, reference 20-SFRI-0001).

The EcoPoDeMa Graduate Program aims to provide the skills needed for a wide range of professions in the private and public sectors. Graduates will be able to: pursue a career in international institutions and organisations, apply their skills in a business environment and pursue a career in research. The program's tools will quickly make them operational as policy and decision-making specialists.

Some key figures

  • 17 Master's program
  • 13 teaching units
  • More than 300 students
  • 1 research unit

Innovation_Idee.pngWhy choose the EcoPoDeMa Graduate Program?

  • A high-quality program available to every student studying for a Master's in economics;
  • To gain expertise in economic research tools;
  • An upgrade of the whole training program in economics;
  • Cutting-edge training specific to each academic field in the second year of the Master's degree;
  • Modular training adapted to the specific needs of PhD students;
  • International student mobility project support for internships or assignments with public or private research facilities.

Joining the program at Master's level

  • Be accepted or enrolled in a Master's degree in economics.
  • Have a B2 level in English and French. Courses are mainly given in English, with some tutorials in French.

This Graduate Program enhances all of the Master's programs in economics at the University of Bordeaux by providing all students concerned with courses in applied economics and advanced quantitative techniques. 

The program is built around in-depth courses in advanced quantitative techniques and research practices for Master's degrees, offered in the following specialisations:

  • Development Economics
  • International Economics
  • Money, Banking, Finance, Insurance
  • Economic Intelligence, Innovation and Territories
  • Applied Mathematics and Statistics


Joining the program at PhD level

Are you enrolled in a PhD with the Doctoral School of Economic Sciences, Management & Demographics? The "EcoPoDeMa cohort" welcomes you and the program's Master's students, with the aim of strengthening ties between junior researchers and the rest of the scientific community.

  • to join the cohort: information coming soon

2Chapeaux_Etudiants.png The program provides the members of the cohort with specific doctoral training, which adds to the courses provided by the Doctoral School of Economic Sciences, Management & Demographics, in the following areas:

  • Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • Modelling - Simulation - Forecasting
  • Behavioural Field Experiments
  • Graph Theory
  • Machine Learning
  • Environment and Health: Temporal and Spatial Issues

Enroll via ADUM to validate your training hours.

Globe.png Thinking about a mobility project, but need financial assistance?

If your project does not meet the requirements of​​​​​​​ other international mobility funding options, you can apply for support from the program in order to attend a conference, carry out research, attend a training course or summer school, or any other occasional event abroad.

  • contact us for more information on how we can support occasional international mobility projects

PhD positions

A doctoral contract will be offered for a PhD position during the call for applications that will take place in 2024.

The PhD Scholarship call for application is now open ! You are willing to apply for a PhD in Bordeaux and are an international student (see conditions) ? Then have a look at our available subjects for Fall 2024 : click here !

Contact us

  • Lorren N’GUESSAN

    Project officer


  • François COMBARNOUS

    Program director


  • Delphine LAHET

    Deputy director