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Additional activities

Additional activities include expertise, promotional and teaching activities. They enable PhD students under contract to put into practice the skills acquired during their doctoral studies or while working on other projects in the private or public sector (in a business, company, administration, public institution, local or regional authority, association...). These activities contribute to the development of the PhD student's network and the acquisition of professional experience, and prepare them for their academic or socio-economic career.

Expertise activities

These ad-hoc activities are intended to meet a need the host organisation has not managed to meet internally: experimentation, consultancy, legal analysis, market or feasibility studies, project support, report writing, product or software development, documentation writing, competition analysis, training, website development...

This activity is not a continuation of the research work carried out for your PhD. It lasts 32 or 16 days (1/6 of the annual working hours set out in the contract) and takes place during the academic year. It can be renewed during the three years of doctoral studies. You remain an employee of the organisation, an amendment to your employment contract must be drawn up.

How to apply?

  • You must first define the activity, objectives and expected skills with your host organisation.
  • You must agree on an estimate of the number of days necessary to carry out the activity (16 days or 32 days maximum).
  • You must specify the environment: location, context, potential dates... and provide this information. This activity is subject to the approval of the various doctoral schools, thesis supervisors and research units.

Promotional and dissemination activities

These activities include setting up outreach and dissemination initiatives with various stakeholders.
They also make it possible to operationalise knowledge by analysing the economic and societal impact of research work with a view to using it at a company level.

Teaching activities

They prepare you for a career in teaching. You are tasked with deepening the knowledge of Bachelor's or Master's students through tutorials (or equivalent).
The activity amounts to a maximum of 64 teaching hours (equivalent to tutorials), spread over the academic year. You will be part of an educational team.
Teaching opportunities are determined in advance by the various teaching departments and units of the University of Bordeaux.

When and how to apply

  • The allocation of additional teaching activities takes place each year from May onwards, for the start of the following academic year in September, and according to the various timetables drawn up by each training college.
  • Teaching opportunities are determined in advance by the teaching departments and units of the University of Bordeaux.
  • Additional activities are subject to the approval of the various doctoral schools, thesis supervisors and research units.

The 2024-2025 campaign is now open.

  • Applications will be accepted from the 23rd of May 2024
  • Application deadline depends on each doctoral school, please consult the calendar here

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