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The ARCHEO Graduate Program brings together the scientific community of archaeology. Its distinctive feature is its focus on fieldwork as a key element in the training of Master's and PhD students, drawing on the exceptional resources and heritage of archaeological sites in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

The Program

ARCHEO provides a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research, based on the skills of the scientific community in the 3 Joint Research Units (UMR) that define the scope of the program: PACEA (University of Bordeaux), Archéosciences Bordeaux (Bordeaux Montaigne University), Ausonius (Bordeaux Montaigne University).

This combination of complementary fields (Archaeology, Prehistory, Biological Anthropology, Archaeometry, History, etc.) in the same area is unique in France and this program is supported by the Plan Investissement d'Avenir, or Investment for the Future Program (project: Graduate School for junior researchers at the University of Bordeaux / UB GRS, reference 20-SFRI-0001).

In conjunction with the initiatives of the Human Past Major Research Program, the Archaeological Sciences department and the Ministry of Culture, ARCHEO aims to provide students with high-quality subject-specific and cross-disciplinary training that will enable then to acquire the professional skills needed for their future careers.

Innovation_Idee.pngWhy choose the Archeo Graduate Program?

  • Deep regional roots at the heart of an exceptional heritage site
  • Broad diachronic scale, from Prehistory to History
  • Training in archaeological fieldwork
  • Teaching and research based on a multidisciplinary archaeological science community
  • Tailored program with courses in English and mentoring

Joining the program at Master's level

  • Be regularly enrolled in one of the following Master's programs: Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences (UB or UBM), History, Civilisations, Heritage (UBM) or Heritage and Museums (UBM).

Joining the program at PhD level

Are you enrolled in a PhD in the Doctoral School of Science and Environment (University of Bordeaux) or Montaigne - Humanities (Bordeaux Montaigne University)? The "ARCHEO cohort" welcomes you and the program's Master's students, with the aim of strengthening ties between junior researchers and the rest of the scientific community.

  • to join the cohortinformation coming soon

2Chapeaux_Etudiants.png The program provides the members of the cohort with specific doctoral training, based on their needs.

Enroll via ADUM to validate your training hours.

Globe.png Thinking about a mobility project, but need financial assistance?

If your project does not meet the requirements of other international mobility funding options, you can apply for support from the program in order to attend a conference, carry out research, attend​​​​​​​ a training course or summer school, or any other occasional event abroad.

  • contact us for more information on how we can support occasional international mobility projects


PhD positions

A doctoral contract will be offered for a PhD position during the call for applications in the spring of 2024 (information coming soon).

The PhD Scholarship call for application is now open ! You are willing to apply for a PhD in Bordeaux and are an international student (see conditions) ? Then have a look at our available subjects for Fall 2024 : click here !

Contact us

  • Lorren N’GUESSAN

    Project officer


  • Stéphane ROTTIER

    Program director


  • François-Xavier Le Bourdonnec

    Deputy director


  • Laurence Cavalier

    Deputy director