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Training programs

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The training programs presented here include all the modules exclusively offered to PhD students at the University of Bordeaux. See one you like? Click on the link to enroll directly on ADUM. Can't find any information for your academic field? You can modify the filter settings on the "My profile / My interests" page in the "Help" tab.

Training courses are divided into several categories:

  1. Understanding the academic environment
  2. Carrying out research activities
  3. Communicating in a foreign language
  4. Developing interpersonal skills
  5. Training to become a teacher
  6. Preparing your future career
  7. Societal and environmental issues

For more information about the training objectives, visit the Training during the PhD tab.
If you would like to know more about training complianceclick here.
If you have any questions, you can check out the Frequently asked questions.

Doctoral School of law


Doctoral school of Economic Sciences, Management and Demographics


DOCTORAL SCHOOL of Chemical Sciences


Doctoral school of Health and Life Sciences


Doctoral School of Science and Environment


Doctoral school of Physics and Engineering


Doctoral school of Society, Politics and Public Health


Doctoral school of Mathematics and Computer Science


The Doctoral School of Mathematics and Computer Science can, within the limits of its budget, provide financial aid to PhD students for missions as part of their training (participation in a Summer School, research visits, short-term assignments to work with other researchers, etc.).

The maximum amount that can be allocated to a PhD student during their thesis is €800.

The doctoral school's budget does not make it possible to fund all PhD students; as such aid is a possibility and not a right.

How to apply

Applications must be made using one of the forms below:

The form must be emailed to edmi@u-bordeaux.fr at least one month before the PhD student's departure date. The application form must be cc'd to thesis supervisors.

The doctoral school will prepare an assignment order that must be signed by the PhD student at least one week before their departure date. The PhD student must keep a copy of the assignment order when travelling.

Upon return, a statement of expenses will be drawn up to confirm the amounts incurred during the training assignment.

The PhD student undertakes to provide the doctoral school with all the supporting documents required to bring the assignment to a close.

For further information about assignment preparation and support, please contact your doctoral school directly: edmi@u-bordeaux.fr

Graduate Research School