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The Graduate Research School

Dernière mise à jour :

The University of Bordeaux's Graduate Research School was created in 2016 as an establishment where training and research are closely linked. It coordinates the actions of the doctoral schools, the Graduate Programs and more generally, the university's whole doctoral field.

The Graduate Research School is solely dedicated to doctoral studies and provides high-quality services to PhD students and their thesis supervisors. It brings together the university's eight doctoral schools with different headcounts and academic fields. This represents a community of around 2,000 PhD students, 500 of whom defend their thesis each year.

The GRS's missions include: organising doctoral training, ensuring the visibility and identity of the University of Bordeaux's doctoral program, cross-disciplinary doctoral training, career support, internationalisation, events, etc.

Doctoral training is organised in accordance with the Decree of 25 May 2016 (amended by the Decree of 26 August 2022) which sets the national framework for training and the procedures for issuing the national PhD diploma.

The Committee

The Graduate Research School committee is made up of the directors of the Graduate Research School and the 8 doctoral schools, 3 teaching and research staff representatives (tenured or not), 2 administrative staff representatives, 8 doctoral representatives and 3 prominent individuals from the socio-economic world.

The vice-president of research, the directors of the 11 research departments, the deputy manager of the RIPI division and the administrative and financial manager have a standing invitation to participate in an advisory capacity.

The committee meets at least 3 times a year.

Download the list Graduate Research School committee members

The Board

The Board of Directors is made up of the Graduate Research School director as well as the administrative and financial manager.

The Board meets at least 8 times a year and its role is to assist management in assessing applications before they are submitted to the committee.

Doctoral Representatives

Doctoral representatives are appointed as a two-person team - one tenured member and one substitute - for each doctoral school.

They are nominated by the doctoral school committees from among the PhD students elected after consultation with the doctoral school director.

The Scientific Advisory Board

The Graduate Research School has a Scientific Advisory Board made up of 3 doctoral study experts to assess its strategic and operational objectives.

Members include:

  • Hans BUNGARTZ - Professor of Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich and member of the EUA-CDE (Council for Doctoral Education)
  • Thomas COUDREAU - Director of Research and Innovation at Sorbonne University
  • Sylvie POMMIER - Director of the Doctoral College at the University Paris Saclay and President of the National Network of Doctoral Colleges (RNCD)

The Training Committee

The Graduate Research School is supported by an ad hoc committee exclusively dedicated to doctoral training courses.

This committee aims to continuously improve the range of training courses offered to PhD students, in order to meet recruiters' requirements and optimise their career opportunities. The committee meets once a year, in July, to analyse the results and draw up a new range of courses.

The Graduate Research School: how it's organised