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The LEXFI Graduate Program trains junior researchers studying law in issues of innovation, covering both technological and social innovations.

The Program

The "Law for Innovation" Master's program is open to students with a bachelor's degree in law or political sciences. It has the advantage of being taught in English. It is therefore open to non-French-speaking students wishing to study in France. The international aspect of this program is reflected in the topics that are taught, with comparative law and global law taking centre stage. English and French language courses are provided so students can brush up on their skills, and there are also remedial classes in legal methodology and French law. 

This program provides a cross-disciplinary approach to legal studies through the topic of innovation, covering both technological and social innovations. It is designed to transfer knowledge in law and political science, as well as in science and technology, life sciences, and human and social sciences.

This is a research-oriented program, designed in continuation with the PhD, and which therefore involves writing a dissertation in the second year of the Master's programl

What next?

The main aim of this Master's program is to enable students to continue their research at PhD level within the prestigious framework of the University of Bordeaux Graduate Research School.

This program is eligible for a PhD grant which enables students to write a thesis in France and receive funding.

Moreover, this program also focuses on the socio-economic world. As such, it provides students with a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates are highly employable in the most dynamic sectors of the economy thanks to their very high-quality training in the legal issues dealing with technological and social innovations. They will not only have been trained by lecturer-researchers, but will also have been in contact with stakeholders from the socio-economic world.

Obviously, this program will prepare students for civil service entrance competitions (concours de la fonction publique) and examinations to access regulated professions.


  • Lorren N’GUESSAN

    Project officer


  • Sébastien-Yves LAURENT

    Program director


  • Barbara Freleteau

    Deputy Director


  • Marie-Claire Ponthoreau-Landi

    Deputy Director