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PhD graduation ceremony

Dernière mise à jour :

The University of Bordeaux is proud to honour the graduates from its 8 doctoral schools.

This event is an opportunity to showcase the diversity and excellence of the research work conducted by PhD students in the University of Bordeaux laboratories. Joined by their friends, family and thesis supervisors, graduates share a meaningful moment, marking the end of their doctoral training. Over a thousand participants attend the symbolic moment each year. The graduation ceremony is an opportunity to pay tribute to the graduates’ work and their contribution to scientific research for both the present and the future. During the ceremony, a number of testimonials and speeches are given.

The ceremony plays an important role because it celebrates the most emblematic and prestigious diploma awarded by the University.

Dean Lewis
President of the University of Bordeaux

Enjoy recent PHD graduation ceremonies on video

2023 ceremony - 1st April at Le Pin Galant

2022 ceremony - 5th March at Le Pin Galant

2021 ceremony - 17th April (remote)

2020 ceremony - 11th January at Le Pin Galant