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Discover the campus

During your studies, you will work on one or more of the University of Bordeaux campuses. Wherever you are working, the campuses offer a wide range of services.

Food and dining

Cafeterias and restaurants are accessible on every campus and provide healthy, reasonably priced meals. The CROUS (Regional Centre of Student Social Services) runs these restaurants for students and staff of the University of Bordeaux.

Did you know?

Part of the cost of your meal in staff restaurants may be covered by the university, depending on your salary index. The restaurants that fall under this category are those of the CROUS, Charles Perrens hospital, the INRAE, the CNRS, Dax hospital and the amicale des personnels, or staff association, of the rectorat de Bordeaux (local education authority).


All University of Bordeaux campuses located in the Bordeaux Metropolitan area are reachable by tram and by bus, and have V3 (bike sharing) parking stations nearby. Car parks are open to students of all campuses and are within a 10-minute walk.

Did you know?

The University of Bordeaux encourages students to use alternative means of transport rather than their own cars. If you use public transport, cycle or carshare, you can benefit from financial support from the university.

More information

Aquipass Card

Your Aquipass card shows that you work for the University of Bordeaux and enables you to access the various services provided by the campuses, from university libraries to staff restaurants. This card also gives you access to the university buildings, so don’t forget to register it with your place of work.

Izly: your electronic wallet

Aquipass cards are equipped with a payment system, Izly, which is valid in CROUS restaurants. To use this payment method, you must create an online account. You can top up your Izly card in just a few clicks with as little as €5 and you can easily transfer money from your account to your card at any moment.


The campuses offer a wide range of activities: sports, culture, associations...