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Training during the PhD

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During your PhD, you will acquire, consolidate or continue to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to carry out your research and pursue your career. The education and professional future of its PhD students are among the University of Bordeaux's priorities.

Training plan

By selecting the training courses best suited to your research project and career path, you can devise a training plan with your thesis supervisor from the beginning of your PhD. This plan outlines the skills you must acquire or develop according to your needs and provides details on your career objectives. It can be modified at any point during the course of your doctoral studies.

This is also the opportunity to build your skills portfolio, and to meet and speak with your peers outside of the laboratory. Networking opportunities between PhD students from all academic fields and with people from the academic and socio-economic world (forums with the APEC, BPI France, Bordeaux Summer schools...) are also organised and advertised throughout the year.

The training courses offered to PhD students, from their enrollment to their thesis defense, whatever their academic field, aim to increase their employability and help them acquire the skills needed for their future career.

Doctoral training at the University of Bordeaux

The range of courses on offer changes each year to meet the needs of the PhD students and the expectations of recruiters, and to take into account the fact that doctoral programs are listed in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (National List of Professional Certifications). It is discussed each year at the Graduate Research School Plenary Council in June, which brings together doctoral school managers, doctoral representatives and external figures from the socio-economic world for the Training Committee.

An annual training catalogue and calendar are published each year to help you plan your training courses.

There are more than 90 training courses available in all academic fields. The doctoral schools and Graduate Programs also offer training courses tailored to their PhD students' needs. Specific 'career packs', developed with research facilities, enable selected PhD students to acquire a high level of expertise in the major global challenges of our time.

Catalogue, Calendar and Enrollment

All the training courses organised by the University of Bordeaux can be found on the ADUM platform, which also allows you to track your enrollment, manage your attendance certificates, validate your training hours and develop your skills portfolio.

For more information about training courses

Information.pngIn addition to the training courses offered by the university in this catalogue, and with your thesis supervisor's permission, you can attend training courses provided by other institutions in order to develop the skills necessary to your career objectives. You can, for example:


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